From Zero to Hero: Unlocking Value from Unstructured Financial Data in Snowflake with No-Code AI

Do you feel that your investment and risk management processes could benefit from insight buried in your unstructured datasets? Does the task of pulling in your unstructured data from multiple sources, cleaning it, building an AI model, and refining the output into something actionable, seem daunting?

In this webinar join Accern, Snowflake and FactSet in a discussion and demonstration about how to seamlessly build NLP (Natural Language Processing) analytic pipelines to get additional value from your unstructured data.

Key Takeaways:

  • How financial organizations are tackling challenges of storing and utilizing unstructured data
  • How AI can be used with your Snowflake data to efficiently create data pipelines that support your investment research
  • How to extract additional value from FactSet’s XML Earnings Transcripts data for investment insights

Date Presented: July 22nd at 12pm ET

Matt Glickman, VP Customer Product Strategy, Data Marketplace, Financial Services at Snowflake
Rico Fabello, VP, Director, CTS Content Strategy at FactSet
Riyaz Nakhooda, VP of Strategic Partnerships at Accern